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" Extreme & Noisy Studio Recording "

Reamp, mastering, mixing, analog summing, recording, production...

Nest Of Frogs is a Studio Recording located in Spain, specialiciating in the old school sound.
All type of music arised from the womb of hell is wellcome here!
We support the analogue sound, organic and true. No tricks! No overproductions! No fake music!
" Nest Of Frogs - The Cave Where The Sound Arise "

Send your tracks now to get a diabolical sound!!

We do not accept "reference songs" to work on your sound.
I will not copy other trendy sounds, if you want to sound like the fashion bands please do not contact!
You must have your own personality before contacting,
I will take care of giving you the right sound, definitely!
If you are interested to contact for more info and budgets!
B A N D S black & death metal  | grindcore | noise | doom | sludge | crust  | ...

and others infernal sounds are hellcome!


Reamp, mastering, mixing, analogue summing, recording, production...





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