" Extreme & Noisy Multinstrumentalist and other stranger things... "
Well... a few words about myself. I like obscure, dead and noisy sounds, sure, my musical taste is a fucking shit but... I also listen another kind of cool music, like movies and videogames soundtracks. My head is a total mess. I understand the veganism as my life way, for me this is the real misanthropy, and... I really hate humans, only animals deserve to live. I'm not worried about fashions or trends, not even my health, only animals and nature matter.
I have always needed to get some unconventional ideas or concepts out of my head and leave them in the world to be filled with dust.

So music is perfect for this, I truly need it.

I started (a.k.a. "the troll site") as a extreme metal webzine in the year 2004. I write reviews, interviews and others craps for a few years, also in some magazines and other webzines. Later I started organizing underground live shows and fests and distributing material from many bands around the world. After a few years all of this started to look like crap for me and a waste of time so I gave it up.
At the moment I dedicate my time to my music exclusively, I am not interested in other things.
B A N D S A c t i v e  
Apoclibbon Doshol, all instruments & vocals sci-fi black metal
AanomM, guitars & vocals black metal
Asgo, drums & bass black metal
Deleznable, all instruments & vocals black metal
Dimetilcadmio, all instruments & vocals death/black metal
Gravislatro, all instruments & vocals depre/black metal
Letvm Leteo, all instruments depre/black metal
Molbol, all instruments & vocals depre/noisy/black metal
Oxicorte, drums death metal
Parásito, vocals black metal
The Troll, all instruments & vocals atmo/black metal
Tower Of Mystara, all instruments & vocals pagan/black metal
Trollfastheart, all instruments & vocals troll black metal
Valephor, drums melodic black metal
Veggrind, all instruments & vocals grindcore
A L B U M S W o r k s  

Deleznable - No es misantropía, es asco!, 2022 New! CD SOON AVAILABLE!
Apoclibbon Doshol - Koroonmorggor, 2021 New! Vacula Productions (UKR) "CD released" COPIES SOON AVAILABLE!
GravislatrO - Absurda Hipocresía, 2016 New! Extinctionist Records (CAN) "cassette released" COPIES SOON AVAILABLE!
Letvm Leteo - Split, 2021 New! "CD released" COPIES SOON AVAILABLE!
Tower Of Mystara - The Almight Enemy, 2021 "New! Special Edicion CD-A5 2022" SOLD OUT! NOW AVAILABLE on CD format  Satanica Prods (NZ), Black Magestic (IND)"
Asgo - The Void Of Counciousness CD, 2021 New! LAST COPIES AVAILABLE! New! NOW AVAILABLE on TAPE format Extinctionist Records (CAN)
Parásito/Molbol - Split, 2020 Arkham House Productions (SPA) "cassette released "
The Troll - Misantrollpia, 2020 Kryart Records (GER) "digital released 2020" ¿¿?? (SPA) "New! Special Edicion CD-Comic 2021" NOW AVAILABLE! (UKR) Depressive Illusions Records cassette released 2021" SOLD OUT!
Molbol - V, 2020 The Ritual Prods (HOL) "CD released" COPIES AVAILABLE!
Veggrind - Demo, 2020
Gravislatro - Split, 2019 Extinctionist Records (CAN) "cassette released" SOLD OUT!
Dimetilcadmio - Rest, but not in peace CD, 2019 LAST COPIES AVAILABLE!
Molbol - IV, 2019
Deleznable - Dejar de Existir, 2019 Hidden Marly Prods (JAP) "CD released" LAST COPIES AVAILABLE!
Parásito/Molbol - Split, 2018 Arkham House Productions (SPA) "cassette released" LAST COPIES AVAILABLE!
Tower Of Mystara - The Edge Of Darkness, 2018
Veggrind - Comer carne hijxs de putx!, 2018
Luzver - The Morning Star,
2018 "CDr released" COPIES AVAILABLE!
Dimetilcadmio - Essential doctrines CD,
Molbol - III,
AanomM - Disinterred Nausea Malodorous,
2018 Vertebrae Productions (SPA) "CD digipack released" COPIES AVAILABLE!
Letvm Leteo,
Valephor - Endless Void CD, 2017 
Molbol - II,
Molbol - I,
Pankuronium - Liber Coniunctio : Samsara of the Black Theosis,
TrollfasthearT - Trollapoplexy,
Parásito/Molbol - Split, 2017
Arkham House Productions (SPA) "cassette released" LAST COPIES AVAILABLE!
ABÿFS - Conception To The Buried, 2017
Apoclibbon Doshol - Nowhere Near Stars, 2017
Vacula Productions (UKR) "CD released" COPIES AVAILABLE!
AanomM - Split, 2017
"cassette released" LAST COPIES AVAILABLE!
GravislatrO - Absurda Hipocresía, 2016
Luzver - The Entrance, 2016
"CDr released" SOLD OUT!
TrollfasthearT - Totroll's Bizarre Adventure, 2016 This Winter Will Last Forever (IT) Narbentage Produktionen (GER) Wolfmond Production (GER) Depressive Illusions Records (UK)
AanomM - Dragging Hurtful Shame, 2016
Vertebrae Productions (SPA) "CD digipack released" COPIES AVAILABLE!
Psionic Plasma - Kaos Typhonian Dimensions, 2015
GravislatrO - Selectiva Ignorancia, 2014
TrollfasthearT - What?! An Old Pot for All?!, 2014
AanomM - Demands Self Destruction, 2013
"cassette released" SOLD OUT!
ICepressIVe - HiddeN, 2013
"CDr digipack released" SOLD OUT!
ABÿFS - Hibridus Postmortem, 2013
"CD released" SOLD OUT!
TrollfasthearT - Only for Trolls, 2010
"CD released and cassete format on 2016 by Depressive Illusions Records (UK)" SOLD OUT!
ICepressIVe - Spread Our Cold, 20
09 "CDr demo released" SOLD OUT!
TrollfasthearT - Demos07/08, 2008


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